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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Noor Al Shifa is equipped with a wide range of the latest diagnostic & therapeutic equipment to help doctors delicately assist your needs. We offer the best of faculty, facilities and treatment and, by facilitating pristine diagnosis and corrective solutions, Noor Al Shifa has helped realize the dreams of couples from all around the world.

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, besides offering hi-tech treatment for infertility, is meant to provide the best of available care in OMAN for women and couples. The department also offers short term and long term observerships in Gynaecological endoscopy, IUI and Fetal medicine.

Obstetrical patient's care include

  • Regular gynaecological problems
  • Regular ante-natal check ups
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • High Risk Pregnancy
  • Obstetrical emergencies of pregnancy
  • Postnatal care


  • Foetal reduction
  • Foetal Therapy
  • Cancer Detection Clinic
  • Breast Clinic
  • HRT Clinic
  • 3D/4D Ultra Sound Scanning Machines

Pregnancies are treated with the utmost care here at Noor Al Shifa. We turn no women away. The department provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment facilities for women of all ages. Our routine procedures include:

  • Management of high risk pregnancies.
  • Management of GDM (Gestational Diabetes), PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) and its complications.
  • Management of Abortions. Infertility.
  • PCOS (Polycystic ovaries) management.
  • Induction of ovulation.
  • IUI

Gynaecology Services

Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex Gynaecology department offers the following range of services:

  • IUCD / MIRENA insertion
  • IUCD Removal
  • Pap Smear
  • Polypectomy
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound / Sonohysterogram
  • TVTO(for stress incontinence)
  • Urodynamic Studies
  • Vaginal Pessary Insertion

Regular Monthly Check-Ups

Treatment and constructive dialogue with our expert gynaecologist Dr. RYMAH NAANA, who will answer any queries you will have during your entire journey in pregnancy.

Antenatal Profile

Routine blood & urine tests for pregnant women.

Missed Abortion

Cases where growth of the embryo suddenly stops even without showing any symptoms like bleeding.

Cervical Incompetence

Sudden miscarriage happens usually early 2nd Trimester (4-5 months).

Pre Eclampsia

High Blood Pressure, oedema and presence of albumin in urine.

Gestational Diabetes

Some women develop diabetes in pregnancy when increased insulin requirements of growing foetus leads to decrease in available insulin for glucose metabolism resulting in hyperglycaemia.


It is important to undergo regular sugar tests or urine and blood including GTT during ante-natal visits.


The department offers internationally renowned standards in paediatric care by doctors trained abroad from the most prestigious hospitals and universities. We have experience on our side. We believe in avoiding unnecessary medicines and utilizing those absolutely necessary and appropriate for a particular disease to minimize adverse effects. Treatment is offered for children with simple problems to very complex diseases including long standing undiagnosed Fevers, Autoimmune diseases, Blood borne diseases, Malignancies, Endocrine problems, Growth problems, Pubertal problems, Asthma and other chest problems, Bowel problems like constipation, Heart diseases, Brain diseases, Breast feeding support and proper weaning advice, and follow up of growth development of babies is all done here with us.

Major services offered

  • Quality care from primary to tertiary level
  • Systematic and modern vaccination programme with perfect cold chain maintenance
  • Well baby check-up including assessment of nutrition status and mental development
  • Management of short stature growth failure and endocrinology problems of children
  • Paediatric respiratory clinic and long term management of childhood asthma.
  • Paediatric gastroenterology services.
  • New born care / Neonatology
  • Paediatric Assessment
  • Immunization Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Paediatric development assessment

Paediatric Specialties

The Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex Paediatric Department offers a broad range of sub specialties including:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Constipation

Paediatric Specialties

  • Treatment advice.
  • Development assessment.
  • Immunization program.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of general Paediatric issues and problems.


Noor Al Shifa offers patients good understanding of their dental health and management of their oral condition. Our mission is to deliver care with courtesy, compassion and competence at an affordable cost to every individual. Appropriate treatment of the highest quality is our forte. With us, you will achieve and learn to maintain your best possible dental health.

Our dental clinic is run by renowned dental surgeons, each specialized in a branch that offers your personal care and complete satisfaction, all at an affordable price. The clinic houses state-of-the art equipment and the latest and highest quality dental materials to help carry out various surgical and restorative techniques, all of which necessary in diagnosis and treatment of today’s oral diseases

Apart from routine Dental procedures, the department also provides specialty treatments like Endodontics and Prosthodontics. The department functions under Dr. MOHAMMED TAZMINULLA BDS, Dr. MOHAMMED NAZEER BDS, MDS and Dr. SIRAJUDHEEN NHERALIL (BDS).

Here at the Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex, we provide a wide range of oral health care services, from routine check-ups and cleanings to fitting braces and treating oral disease. The Dental Clinic offers a wide range of preventive and diagnostic services including complete dental exams, urgent dental evaluations, dental x-rays, oral cancer screening, fluoride treatments, periodontal therapy, sealants, dental education and consultation. The Noor Al Shifa Medical complex maintains its high standards of service in its Dental Departments. Dental services provided by us include: Oral exams, Teeth whitening, Teeth cleaning, X-rays, Crowns, Fillings and bridges, Implants, Extractions, TMJ treatment, Gum disease treatment, Root canals, surgical implant placements.

Call in for an appointment or just for an expert opinion. We excel in providing "Total Oral Care".

Services Offered

  • Dental procedures for medically compromised patient under LA
  • Prosthodontics - Dentures, crown & bridge
  • Endodontics - RCT, Cosmetic dentistry & smile designing
  • Oral exams
  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Crowns, Fillings and bridges
  • Extractions
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Root canals
  • Paedodontics

General Medicine

Our prestigious Department of General Medicine is known through the medical community as one of the best in Oman. The department of general medicine is staffed by large complement of competent doctors. Well trained and exceptionally experienced, several senior physicians work as a single team in tackling problem cases and critically ill patients with complex multi-organ medical problems. These doctors take charge of our Diabetic Clinic, often considered the backbone of the hospital and one of the best in the fight against diabetes.

Our doctors are distinguished practitioners who have a standing within the community and preach evidence based medical care. The department runs daily and at any given time of the day, the patient can meet with the specialist doctor to seek advice.


The Department is equipped with all the requirements for acute medical care and it has access to Lab, Radiology, and PFT etc. very easily. Since the hospital has almost all medical sub specialties medical department can take of patients with multiple health problems.

Services Offered

  • Evaluation and management of multisystem diseases
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid disorders etc.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases

Special clinic

  • Diabetes clinic
  • HT clinic
  • Obesity clinic
  • Thyroid clinic

Health Check Ups

Executive health check up

Master health check

Diabetes health check


  • Fully Computerized Lab Services
  • Computerized Digital X-rays
  • Computerized ECG