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About us

Welcome to Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex. Since our inception in 2010 we have provided improved and honorable health services to Oman at all levels of healthcare.

“We Care. We are Here for You.“ These aren’t just words on a page. It’s an attitude fueled by a passion for the preservation of life and health. Every staff member at Noor Al Shifa is committed to providing the highest quality care because YOU are their passion and helping you is furthering our philosophy for a better and healthier world.

By bringing together specialist capabilities and high-performing nursing teams, Noor Al Shifa provides quality health care by encouraging the practice of evidence based medicines within the confines of our aesthetically modern facilities. Our strength comes from our eminent panel of medical professionals, all of whom are leaders in their fields along with the highest level of diagnostic services with the latest and greatest state-of-the-art equipment.

Noor Al Shifa medical complex is committed to providing community-based primary care services. Patients, under the care of Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex, can be divided into two main categories, namely chronic disease patients with stable conditions (e.g. diabetes mellitus, hypertension) and episodic disease patients with relatively mild symptoms (e.g. influenza, colds). For chronic disease patients who require follow up, the next appointment would be arranged by the clinic staff after consultation based on clinical needs. Episodic disease patients may reserve consultation timeslots available in the next 24 hours.

We are pleased to provide nursing services such as injections and dressing. Additionally, we provide health risk assessments and follow-up care for patients with diabetes mellitus or hypertension carried out by multi-disciplinary teams and targeted treatment services including continence care, wound care, etc. for high-risk chronic patients. For our elderly patients, Noor Al Shifa conducts home visits to those who are unable to make it to our clinics. We send Nurses and Physicians. Whoever you need, we are there for you.

Noor Al Shifa Medical Complex operates in two locations, one located in Thumrait and another in Salalah City. Certain services are specific to particular clinics. Thumrait is home to General Practice Medicine, Radiology, Laboratory Services and our Pharmacy. Services offered at the Salalah City location include Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Cosmetic Dentistry and General dentistry. Each location provides services on evenings, Fridays and Public holidays. Our services are available from 9 am to 1 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm . We understand your time is valuable and we pride ourselves in delivering high quality medical treatment in a streamlined and efficient manner so you can get on with your healthy and productive day.

We at Noor Al Shifa pride ourselves on our world class service to our customers. Our pride and service along with affordable medical rates is a testament to just how much our patients mean to us and how much we will do for them in the name of medicine.